Tuesday 22nd May
Highett Supervised session 22nd May has been cancelled. Unfortunately, the building will be without power on that day.
The Weak 2/Rule of 20 lesson scheduled to be held at Highett on that day, will now be held on Tuesday 29th May
The night-time lesson and supervised session will still be held at
Brighton Rec on 22nd May.
Back to normal on the 29th May

Bridge Basics Beginner Lessons – June
Set of 4 x 2 hour lessons commencing 1pm Thursday 7th June
at Hampton RSL.  Cost $70
Includes detailed notes and 2 Supervised classes
Click here for full details

Victorian Restricted Pairs Championship

Congratulations to Susie Groves and Alastair Lowe who came second in the Victorian Restricted Pairs Championship held at the VBA.

Susie and Alastair will represent Victoria at the Australian National Championships held in Tasmania in August.  They receive free Entry to ANC Final, Airfares, plus and an Accommodation/Expenses allowance.

Well done Susie and Alastair.

Bayside Congress
We hope everyone enjoyed our Bayside Congress. 
Congratulations to the following place getters:

1st       Kim Fraser and Jamie Ebery
2nd      Dawn Swabey and Denise Keenan
1st      Susie Groves & Alastair Lowe
2nd      Brendon Allan & Bernadette Livanos
3rd      Jenny Homer & Jan Gaffney

1st       Karen Thompson & Jenny Matheson

1st      Kim Frazer, Jamie Ebery, Stan Klofa & Michael Gurfinkiel 
1st           Karen Ferguson, Jilly Pettit, Alastair Lowe & Susie Groves
2nd      Denise Keenan, Dawn Swabey, Heather Petering & Jenny Homer
3rd      Lillian Sealy, Michael Young, Roxy Kruger & Eva Leonards
1st       Adrienne Butler, Denis Read, Lynette Lawson & Jan Gibbs

Recent Master Point Promotions
Congratulations to the following Bayside members upon their promotion:
Graduate:      Jim Higgins, Kira Michalova, Sharon Sorrell & Rune Stevens
Club:             Dennis Maynard, John Rawlinson
Local:            Penny Hallam, Mary Squires
*Local:          Kaye Sayford
**Local:        Robyn Marnow
State:            Toni LandisRecent Master Point Promotions
Congratulations to the following Bayside members upon their promotion:-
Graduate          Janice Kirby, Garry Laird, Barbara Taylor, Joyce Welsh, Sue Kirby & Rachel Zarebska
Club                   Beryl Botteril, Dina Charpentier, Jenny Hitchin, Marge Jones & Leila Rolan
Local                 Jan Clasper, Peter Morton & Margot Whelan
*Local               Beverley Ive, Del Johnston, Judy Lefebvre, Brian Sawford & Rod Tattersall
**Local             Sharon Bullen
Regional           Pat Jones

Club 70
For many of us a percentage score over 50% is pretty good.  You may even win the event. 
A percentage above 60% is generally good enough to win an event.
Achieving a score of above 70% is quite rare, you have really played well. 
To recognize that achievement there is now a list of all players who have scored over 70% in the last 12 months.
See SCORES – CLUB 70 your name may be on the list


Lots of RED point events are coming your way in 2018

Watch for further details.

Check the Calendar for our next Red point session.

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