Spring Carnival at Bayside
Lots of fun at this years Cup Carnival events.

Hope everyone backed a winner.

The crew in party mode at Beaumaris on cup eve..

Australia Wide Pairs
We hope you all enjoyed being part of this event
This is one of Australia’s largest bridge events, scored across the whole field of 3,200+ players in 100 clubs
Congratulations to Bayside members;
7th placed – Denise Keenan & Dawn Swabey with 68.3%
47th placed – Geoff Robinson & Peter Pahl with 62.9%
92nd placed – Alastair Lowe & Susie Groves with 61.3%
To see your results against the total field, go to and select Australia Wide Pairs

Beginner Lessons

Last set for 2017
Night lessons –   7:30pm Tuesday
Commencing 17th October
Day lessons –     11am Thursday
Commencing 19th October
First set for 2018 commence 6th February
Day lessons –     1pm Tuesday
Night lessons –   7:30pm Tuesday
Click here for full details
Need more information? Contact Jan 0418 556 382 or

Club 70
For many of us a percentage score over 50% is pretty good.  You may even win the event. 
A percentage above 60% is generally good enough to win an event.
Achieving a score of above 70% is quite rare, you have really played well. 
To recognize that achievement there is now a list of all players who have scored over 70% in the last 12 months.
See SCORES – CLUB 70 your name may be on the list


There's a definite air of concentration at our new venue, Hampton RSL. Wednesday and Friday at 12.30. Come along and join in the fun. Plenty of parking and an opportunity to discuss hands amongst friends afterwards in the bar!



Lots of RED point events are coming your way

Check the Calendar for our next Red point session.

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