Pixit photo courses

Wednesdays 6-9pm Starting 30th September 2009

LOCATION: 40 Pakington Street St. Kilda 3182

Conducted by Tutors with extensive experience in Fashion, Beauty, Photo Reportage and Advertising

Through Practical, Industry-driven training and utilizing Professional Photographers and lecturers the students of this course will acquire a knowledge base that will make them immediately ready to undertake most Professional Assignments and enhance their Passion for Photography.

Prerequisites: NIL
Equipment Required: Digital SLR, Lens, Electronic Flash and Tripod.

                               Studio Location
                                Lecture Rooms (etc.)

Session 1 
Camera Basics

This session will explore the capabilities of your SLR Camera and begin providing a comprehensive and detailed study of the instrumentation and functions of it.
We will unpack the course curriculum.

Session 2
Focus + Lenses

This session highlights the need for correct Focus and how to change the Focus point within an Image.
What needs to be Sharp?
Selective Focus and the use of Perspective +Lens Selection

Session 3
Depth of Field

Further your understanding of Depth of Focus/Depth of Field.
The importance of correct exposure and how to achieve it.Operation of a Light meter is demonstrated
Contrast and the use of colour are also explored

Session 4

You will Study how the mind “Sees” the photographic Image and how composition and light determines the success of it.
Visual Literacy in such principles as the Golden Mean and the ability to incorporate all the elements of a successful image

Session 5
Light And Camera

You are tutored in the use of Flash on Camera and begin the progression into Studio Lighting (Practical Demonstration in Studio).

Session 6
Studio Lighting

Practical in Studio
Reflectors and subtraction techniques
Bounce Flash
Soft Boxes, Scrims
Snoots, Grids and associated studio flash attachments.

Session 7
Studio Lighting for Portraiture

You will be tutored on Portraiture and Demonstration on a Live Model
Further discussions and demonstration regarding Beauty and Fashion Photography.
Assignment Set

Session 8
Lighting Sculptor

Practical In Studio
Students will be guided through the assignment by tutors to assist in lighting set ups and advice on alternative ways of approaching the assignment

Session 9
Creative Choices

Practical Studio
Further time in the Studio and advice on outcomes and examples of different Lenses and aperture choices
These are hands on Lectures assisted by tutors

Session 10

Review Assignments and Evaluate the course out comes.
Class discussions and preparation for further advanced classes if necessary.


Payment in full is required 7 days before course commencement. Refunds can only be given for cancellations three days prior to sessions commencement. in the event of a course cancellation, a refund will be given in full.